"'A music quite unlike anything that has preceded it on the Irish Jazz scene, hugely enjoyable for its quirky beauty and rich orchestral palette." - Independent News & Media

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"Fuzzy Logic now rate among the most daring and original musical ensembles working in Ireland today" - Cormac Larkin (The Irish Times)

Fuzzy Logic Ensemble Heads

Sue Rynhart - voice  Nick Roth - saxophones  Izumi Kimura - piano  
Derek Whyte - bass  Matthew Jacobson - drums  Dylan Rynhart - composition

A music unlike anything that has preceded it on the Irish Jazz scene, Fuzzy Logic Ensemble coungers beautiful imagery and surprises at every turn. Formed in 2002 as the brainchild of Composer Dr Dylan Rynhart, Fuzzy Logic has grown and adapted to a changing music and a changing world. Promising young musicians, who were just starting their careers almost 2 decades ago, have since become leaders and role models on their instruments both in Ireland and across Europe, forming the backbone of this exceptional group. The compositions are rich and intricate, juxtaposing the familiar with the obsessive. Rynhart’s long study of speech, inspires the rolling melodies, but equally the music is expressive, personal and at times political.

"Inspired execution and inventive soloing" - Kevin Stevens (The Journal of Music)


Mouthpiece Album Cover, Dylan Rynhart & Fuzzy Logic Ensemble
Dylan Rynhart and Fuzzy Logic Ensemble, Featuring: Florian Ross and Tom Arthurs
  1. Mouthpiece
  2. Flip Shuffle
  3. Order Later
  4. The Difference between Light and Hard
  5. Dusty Time
  6. There is so much to Smile about
  7. pliARS
  8. Spin Cycle
  9. Bonus Track
New Hat Album Cover Fuzzy Logic Ensemble
New Hat
Dylan Rynhart and Fuzzy Logic Ensemble
  1. Happy New Year
  2. Reflected Reasoning
  3. No Fehr
  4. AKA
  5. Natalis Musica
  6. In Case You Forget
  7. Inside
  8. Un Cubo

Media Quotes

"With Sue Rynhart, Nick Roth, Izumi Kimura, Derek Whyte and Matthew Jacobson, the composer has at his disposal some of the very best musicians on Ireland's contemporary music scene... Unique, entrancing and full of the sound of surprise."
All About Jazz

"Hugely enjoyable, not only for the rich orchestral palette it used, but also for the generally sure-footed way the ensemble negotiated this emerging composer's demanding music" 
The Irish Times

"Constantly engaging, full of colour and packed with incident" 
The Irish Times

"Rynhart's pieces, crammed with ideas, melodic, contrapuntal and rhythmic, are full of incident, light and shade." 
The Irish Times

"the long-awaited re-emergence of Rynhart’s own groundbreaking Fuzzy Logic Ensemble" 
The Irish Times

"Rynhart writes music with a compelling balance of highly arranged orchestral passages and carefully chosen solos... he searches out non-traditional rhythmic and ethnic influences to create twenty-first-century music that is both sharply executed and expressively open-ended." 
The Journal of Music

"The Cork Jazz Festival mixes American talents like Chick Corea and McCoy Tyner with rising Irish stars such as Dylan Rynhart and various Europeans."
Jazz For Dummies

"Rynhart writes imaginative and open hearted music with a palpable sense of discovery... From the pointillism of Thelonious Monk to the rich washes of color that recall Kenny Wheeler, Rynhart's ambitious writing, with its orchestral scope, is brought to life with the flexibility and sonority of this unique instrumentation." 

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